Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trending: Socks with heels

Some love it, many hate it. But the reality is socks with heels are all over the runways. Personally, I couldn't love this trend any more! I am all about accessorizing, and over accessorizing. Plus I am guilty as charged for sporting chipped pedicures and definitely not the prettiest of hooves. Don't have time for a pedi? Throw on some socks with your new summer heels. Doooo it!

Try a lighter or darker hue than your shoes for a dynamic monocrome look like SJP


Try new contrast shades and you will give the garment fun, funky accents

Anna Sui

Rachel Comey

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

If you are bold enough, pair socks over tights for funky layering. HAUTE!

Carrie's Best

This hot number Carrie wore for her dinner with Aiden is my all around winner

Opening scene Halston V neck, Chanel clutch, and glittering Louboutins

Recylced from season 3, this Dior newspaper dress makes Carries figure look hotter than ever. Her body is unreal!

Whats the worst outfit from Sex in the City 2?

Was it their Camel riding ensembles? Those damn cowboy hats!

But Carrie's all white sand garb looks great. I think I might wanna borrow Samantha's headpiece for my costume closet.

Or was it the Phillipe and David Blond spiked shoulder dress on Samantha?
And as if the beadazzled glittery jeans are bad enough on their own...that
bejeweled belt and lame skirt/sash..eeek

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Gays Wear it Better

Jodhpurs! and what a perfect alpaca

Harem pants, cropped, and jodhpurs. No straight man would dare. I love these styles so much better than the sausage stuffers they call skinny pants. These street styles were captured in London, Japan, Paris, and Berlin. On second thought, this should be called

"Euro-gays wear it better"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


For the last year or more, images of Cats have appeared screenprinted on tees and designer fashions. Of all I have seen....this cat sweater is the best! A bargain find at the vintage store Slow on Melrose.
Tragically, I snapped a shot in this fuzzy, but never actually bought it. Ive been back to the store a dozen times and it has clearly been snatched up. I must find this!
Since I hate cats, I could only wear something to remind me of the humor I find in the grannies who hoard them.